The clothing business is a lucrative business and given its large profit incentive beneficiary aspect of it, we have many people who are looking to enter the business for that reason alone without understanding how the business works. The reasons for this quick entry into the business by people mostly stem from the monetary aspect of it and because everyone believes it is easy to make it in the business if you start.

They believe doing the clothing business is as easy as you branding your clothes with good popular designs and then advertise it online for the purpose of sales. Then make huge profits from the sales and live a life of luxury. This is a wrong concept to believe because for a brand to sell successfully then there are certain factors which one must carry out for the business to be a success.

The clothing business has a series of requirements which have to be fulfilled for one to have a success in his business and if a case arises where these requirements are not satisfied then, the clothing business could experience a hindrance in the success or could be in the risk of an abrupt failure. In other words, running a clothing business is one of the all-time consuming business and expensive business which one could seemingly pursue.

Hence it needs a lot of attention to thrive in a competitive environment. There are seemingly many mistakes which people make which cause a foundering of their clothing branding business. The aim of this article is meant to explain to the reader on how he can manage a clothing brand business without risking the risk of failure or delay in progress. One of the many mistakes people make when they open a branding company is that they don’t identify their brand with quality.

Many people who enter the clothing branding business don’t enter the business with the necessary requirements of which they need to make their clothing business become the success they want. Many people who enter the clothing business do so, only to gain the financial incentives attached to the business. In other words, they don’t make plans which the business needs to survive the competitive world on which it is being established.

The many designers who start up on the clothing branding business experience failure at some point in the business because they lack the creativity needed to enhance the business. The designers are skilled at tailoring and branding but they are unable to identify what type of trending wear the community wants and so, they end up producing unwanted designs and wear which customers don’t want to buy. This is one of the main reasons why many so-called clothing branding company experience acute failure during the course of their business.


Some designers who experience failure already have had a foreknowledge of the failure coming on

Some designers who experience failure already have had a foreknowledge of the failure coming on. How this happens is that every designer knows that after creating his branded products the first people to give it for reaction is the person friends, family members or even the people who live in his community. A good designer who gets a rejection notice on their branded wears even after giving it to friends and family members know of a surety that either the design of the branded wear is wrong or it is not the type of design people are interested in.

Thus the designer knows he has to go back to the drawing board to correct the error of his latest designs or that he needs to make more research on what people of the community want and even after he has done this he still knows he has to test the community view on the product again. if the products get accepted this time around then, he knows he has the perfect item for the market, but if the product doesn’t bring the required attention he wants, then he knows he has to scrap the project or start all over again.

Another common reason why many designers face failure in their clothing branding business is that they don’t pay attention to authenticity and so they bend the rules in their own favor. How they do this is that they create branded wears which are far from their own regions and neighborhood. They manipulate the truth with their creations. An example of this is that a designer can design a shirt in his American state and then create designs on the shirt showing patterns or historical inaccuracies from Asia or Canada.

These oddities are not easily observed but it does cause a lot of upheavals especially if it fell into the hands of someone who knows his history well. The designers don’t consider the fact that their works of arts are meant to represent a concept which actually exists and which people can understand and appreciate. To prove this, a research done in 2012 to examine what people think first before buying a branded wear shows that a 70% of this people says that they buy the branded wears because of what they see on the wears and the other 30% stated that they buy a wear for the purpose of color and the design.

Another reason why some clothing branding business fails is that the people don’t pay much attention to innovative thinking concepts and the designs needed by the people at the needed time. Many brand designers pay attention only to their own works of arts and they don’t emulate the latest trending art. If this is good, it can also be bad because people are only interested in what is trending and they don’t care much about what isn’t.

The designers in this category only specialize in making what they think is cool and good for the people rather than focusing on what the people actually want. What they don’t know is that people love what friends and family or the movies they love may suggest for them. They are not interested in what the designer has to offer them, this is actually true in the case of the youths, who are only interested in what their friends have that is cool like these affordable Paw paw t-shirts and not what the brand designer suggests for them.